It’s hard to imagine how things could get worse for the New York Jets in 2016. What with all the quarterback troubles, injuries, and perhaps the worst bit of play from the team in over two decades.

The Jets’ horrible, no-good, very bad season managed to get even worse on Saturday night. Following a 34-13 loss — the game wasn’t really even that close — to the Miami Dolphins, the franchise’s most famous player ever took to Twitter to savage the team.

Yes, Joe Namath has a Twitter account, and it’s pretty great:

When your most famous player and face of the franchise for nearly the past 50 years is savaging you on social media, there’s pretty much nowhere lower to go (unless your team is the Cleveland Browns).

Namath didn’t just savage the team after the loss either. He made sure to pile on the team as the game was going on as well. There were gems like this:

…and this:

And on the idea of Tony Romo coming to the Jets next year? Welp:

Then there’s my personal favorite:

Namath also appears to not be a fan of putting in rookie Christian Hackenberg for a few reasons:

Namath may have been throwing shade, but when you see what happened to Bryce Petty you can understand why Namath’s point makes so much sense.

With the Jets sitting at 4-10, it could be time to look at the 2017 NFL Draft for the organization. It could also be time to update those résumés for the coaching staff, because things clearly aren’t heading in the right direction.

Even in that scenario, Namath has an opinion on his beloved Jets:

Nothing like kicking an organization while they are down, huh Broadway Joe?

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