Jimmy Garoppolo

Even though reports surfaced that Jimmy Garoppolo had agreed to a contract with the Las Vegas Raiders on Thursday, there seemed to be a little bit of a delay with the veteran quarterback not actually signing his contract with the team until Friday. And though the whole situation undoubtedly made some fans nervous that the deal could fall through. But apparently, there was no concern on Garoppolo’s end.

During his introductory press conference, Jimm Garoppolo downplayed any issues with the contract, saying the reason for the delay was simply due to “language.”

“It was honestly talking, [contract] language, things like that,” Garoppolo said in his introductory press conference, according to Pro Football Talk.

Carr said that there was “no worry” about the deal eventually getting done.

“Both sides, I think, knew what we wanted to get done,” Carr said. “It was very collaborative, actually, just us coming together.”

Further solidifying his comments that there was no concern the deal would fall through, Garoppolo revealed that he was interested in signing with the Raiders since the beginning of his free agency.

“Right off the bat when my agents gave me the list of teams, the Raiders were right up there,” Garoppolo said. “I had the familiarity with Josh, Dave [Ziegler] the G.M. All that played a role.”

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