Joe Biden

When Aaron Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19 and then went on a rant against the woke mob while citing Joe Rogan as one of his medical advisors, just about everybody in the country seemed to have an opinion about him.

Rodgers was skewered on Saturday Night Live, was called a liar by Terry Bradshaw, got made fun of by Joe Buck during a game, and even found a way to indirectly infuriate Star Wars fans. While Rodgers would eventually admit that he misled people about his vaccination status, he also remained very combative with the press and just about anyone who pushed back against his worldviews.

So you better believe he’s going to have something to say when he stops by The Pat McAfee Show next Tuesday now that the President of the United States has called him out.

President Joe Biden was surveying the damage in Kentucky with some of the locals who survived when he was filmed talking to a person in a Green Bay Packers shirt and hat. Biden is heard telling the Packers fan, “Tell that quarterback he’s gotta get the vaccine.”

While most of the people with Biden had a good chuckle over the comment, we’re gonna guess Rodgers (and some other folks on the internet) won’t be as pleased.

Rodgers infamously said he was immunized when asked about whether or not he was vaccinated before the NFL season. It was later revealed that while he “did his research” and took alternative medicines such as ivermectin (which the FDA has not approved for use in treating COVID-19), he was not actually vaccinated. Rodgers has said he is allergic to an ingredient in the mRNA vaccines and all signs point to him not getting vaccinated against COVID-19.


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