The NFL is currently mired in a concussion scandal with multiple teams bungling responses to apparent head injuries in as many weeks.

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is no stranger to concussions, which he says are an inherent risk of playing a violent sport like football. But Burrow admitted to reports during his weekly media session that he has played in games at all levels that he can’t remember.

From WCPO reporter Caleb Noe:

“I have never had a headache the next day from a concussion, but like I’ve said, I’ve had games—high school, college, NFL—that I don’t remember the rest of the game, but I don’t have any other side effects other than that,” Burrow said. “I don’t know if you’d call that a concussion or not. But it’s some sort of head injury, for sure.”

The NFL world was quick to react to Burrow’s admission:

“The NFL needs to take these issues more seriously. More research needed on the safety of the players during games and beyond. These issues can’t just be swept under the carpet,” one fan wrote.

“There will be big lawsuits coming,” predicted another.

“Burrow needs to retire he’s not genetically built for the sport! The Bengals are killing him!! Launch an investigation immediately!” demanded another user.

“The Green Bay game immediately comes to mind. That hit he took diving for a first down was rough to watch,” remembered one user.

“Any investigation or outrage? Any media gonna slam the HCs Character based on assumptions or is that just for the Dolphins?” asked a Twitter user.

The Bengals are next in action Sunday when they travel to Maryland to face the Baltimore Ravens in AFC North play.

[Caleb Noe]