Joe Burrow

Through just three seasons in the NFL, star quarterback Joe Burrow appears to be on track to become one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game. At the very least, he’s already the best and most accomplished quarterback in Cincinnati Bengals history. Naturally, the team has made it clear that they want to keep him with the team for the foreseeable future with a big-money contract coming his way, but one NFL insider has a potential plan to make that possible while still having cap space for other stars.

NFL insider Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk thinks that the Cincinnati Bengals should sign Joe Burrow to a contract that’s based on cap percentage tied to the consistent growth of the league salary cap instead of an explicit dollar amount.

“So how can the Bengals make him truly happy, without creating a cap mess for themselves? They can be the first NFL team to give a player a contract tied to the ongoing growth of the salary cap,” Florio wrote for Pro Football Talk. “It’s not dollars for Burrow. It’s points. His compensation, for each year of the deal, would be determined by a set percentage of the cap. Then, he’d get that amount every season.”

This move would allow Burrow to be paid the money that he deserves while still allowing the Bengals salary cap flexibility to keep star players signed around him.

Florio explained that the league does not necessarily want teams to do these sorts of deals, but there’s not much stopping the Bengals from doing it anyway.

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