Joe Burrow

Gun control has become a major topic in this country after multiple mass shootings that had taken place over the past few weeks in Buffalo, NY, Uvalde, TX, and elsewhere. As the issue is once again at the forefront of the national conversation, professional athletes have decided to wade into the gun control debate too.

One of those athletes is Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, who offered his thoughts on gun reform in this country during Tuesday’s press conference.

“If you’re not going to outlaw everything, you’ve gotta at least make it harder to get those crazy guns that everybody’s using,” said Burrow. “I don’t think you should be able to just walk in there and buy one — you’ve got to go through a rigorous process to be able to buy something like that, I think. Hopefully, the people that get paid to make those decisions figure that out. My job is to play football, but hopefully, the politicians can figure that out.”

Burrow is one of the few NFL athletes who have come forward with an opinion that may not be shared by a section of the NFL fanbase. But Burrow’s NFL profile is much higher than it was then coming into last year following a Super Bowl run. Many people respect him and respect his opinion.

Many of those people agreed with Burrow’s sentiments on social media, including anti-gun advocate Fred Guttenberg, who had lost a child to gun violence.

Rex Chapman also appreciated Burrow’s words.

Joe Burrow has captured Bengal fans’ hearts on and off the field.


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