The U.S. Supreme Court doesn’t think women should have autonomy over their own bodies but Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow does.

Burrow, who led the Bengals to the Super Bowl in his second season in the NFL last year, has become a thoughtful voice in the league on recent issues big and small, from advice for young athletes to Baker Mayfield’s future to the gun violence threatening our nation.

In a recent Instagram story, the former LSU star shared a message to represent where he stands in the aftermath of a 6-3 decision that overturned Roe v. Wade and gave states the right to ban abortion in all cases. Per his story, Burrow shared instances in which women need the right to choose, including situations where they have been assaulted or raped, or are dealing with life-threatening possibilities for themselves if they are forced to give birth.

While Burrow didn’t write the post, sharing it sends a pretty clear message about where he stands and what he believes in. And while the thoughts of an NFL quarterback might not be important to some in this situation, taking a stand for women at a time like this is the very least anyone can do. The NFL world certainly responded to the message.

It will be interesting to see if Burrow’s stance catches the eye of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, who opposes a woman’s right to choose and is also up for re-election this year. It’s likely to be red meat for his followers to go after those who held opinions like Burrow, but it doesn’t seem like smart politics to pick a fight with the guy who just took the Bengals to the Super Bowl either.

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