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The 2022 NFL season has been pretty decent for the Cincinnati Bengals, even if it might seem like a letdown from last year’s run to the Super Bowl. Still, you can’t say that quarterback Joe Burrow doesn’t still have big fans out there, especially one in particular who went viral this week after posting a video after getting her wisdom teeth removed.

“I had my wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday. ‘Apparently’ these are my thoughts going into Week 11… Go Bengals!” Haven Wolfe captioned a video she posted on social media this week. The video includes her tear-soaked thoughts about Burrow and the fact that she doesn’t think she’ll be able to date him anytime soon.


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“I know he’s got a girlfriend, and I’m happy for him. But I’m not happy for me!” she said. “He’s pretty but dang it he’s talented and let’s be honest I go for ambition not looks.”

She then added some decent commentary on the state of things for the Bengals.

“We play the Titans on Sunday and Ja’Marr Chase isn’t even a sure thing and I miss him,” she continued in the video, taken before the Bengals beat the Titans on Sunday. “But then, even if we get past that one then we got the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes and he’s so good and everyone knows it.”

While it may never work out for Haven and Joe, the good news is that the QB has the Bengals back on track after a tough start as they head into Sunday’s AFC Championship game rematch against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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