New York Giants head coach Joe Judge on the sideline in the second half. The Giants lose to Washington, 22-7, at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, Jan. 9, 2022. Nyg Vs Was

You have three kinds of NFL head coaching job announcements on Black Monday.

First, you have the announced firings that everyone expected, like Matt Nagy in Chicago.

Second, you have the announced firings that throw everyone for a loop, like Brian Flores in Miami.

Third, you have the lack of announced firings for coaches who everyone seems to agree should be fired, and it’s obvious they should be fired, and yet they are not fired.

Such is the lack of a firing announcement around New York Giants head coach Joe Judge. And it appears that he will indeed be safe, at least for now.

The Giants are announcing that general manager Dave Gettleman is retiring, so there is still the possibility that they hire a new GM and that person decides to wipe the board clean and hire a new coach.

However, the fact that Judge is even keeping his job now is shocking to a lot of people, especially as Flores loses his job in Miami after going 10-6 and 9-8 in the last two years, including a seven-game winning streak this season. Meanwhile, Judge has overseen 6-10 and 4-13 seasons, went on an 11-minute rant about how people can’t see how good things are, and then called what many said was one of the most embarrassing play calls they can remember this past weekend.

NFL circles had a field day discussing the notion that Judge is going to keep his job after this season.

If Judge somehow finds a way to turn things around with the Giants, it might be the most unexpected turnaround in NFL history. Otherwise, everyone is pretty much in agreement that New York will just be right back here next year with a losing record and finally firing him.

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