NFL legend Joe Montana has settled into a long retirement with his wife Jennifer where he gets to spend much of time around his family. On Saturday, a home intruder threatened to break that peaceful existence until the duo sprang into action.

According to TMZ, a woman allegedly entered the Malibu house where Joe, Jennifer, and one of their grandchildren were living, grabbed the child before being confronted by the grandparents, who then wrestled the baby away from her. The intruder then left the house. Thankfully, L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies happened to be on the block already for an unrelated matter. When they were informed about what happened, they located the suspect a few blocks away and arrested her on kidnapping and burglary charges.

Not too much more is known at the moment about the incident or the intruder, but the Montana family certainly must be grateful that things turned out as they did.

Joe Montana retired from the NFL in 1994 following 16 seasons, mostly with the San Francisco 49ers, with whom he won four, Super Bowls, two MVP trophies, and went to seven Pro Bowls (plus one with the Kansas City Chiefs).


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