We’ve reached that point in the presidential primary season where the pandering to the public reaches new levels. For example, Senator Ted Cruz visited a matzo-making plant in Brighton Beach, New York on Thursday.

Ohio governor John Kasich, in a last-ditch effort to siphon votes away from his competitors, is trumpeting an idea that is actually quite popular: Make the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday a national holiday. Kasich advocated for the new holiday on The Dan Patrick Show Friday. Here’s the clip:

“There’s no productivity whatsoever. I’m going to take that under consideration, and maybe I can get that done in the first 100 days,” Kasich saidto Patrick.

While that is a fairly inconsequential issue to take a stand on, Kasich sells himself as a champion of the working class and a “man of the people.” Arguing for something virtually everyone can believe in isn’t a bad move. There is probably someone in this country who probably just changed their mind on Kasich because of it.

What might be more impressive is the governor being awake for his interview with Patrick. After the amount of food Kasich put away during a visit to an Italian deli in the Bronx on Thursday, the candidate surely needed a long nap.

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