John Madden

Actor Will Ferrell has shown his versatility by portraying an elf, a NASCAR driver, a TV anchorman, a cop, a pro basketball player, and even Sherlock Holmes.

Now, he may get the opportunity to play legendary NFL coach John Madden. reported Friday that director David O. Russell is in talks with Ferrell to portray the former Oakland Raiders coach in the film Madden, which focuses on the coach’s life after coaching and his role in developing the popular Madden NFL video game.

According to the report, “The project has been percolating for some time,” and “Russell had been doing a rewrite when everything stopped with the writer’s strike.”

Still, finding the right lead actor is a critical step. Just imagine Ferrell handing out Madden’s trademark Turkey Leg Award after a Thanksgiving game, or drawing Xs and Os on the screen with his signature “boom, boom, boom.”

NFL fans seemed to like the idea of the popular actor going full Madden.


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