Johnny Manziel

As the Johnny Manziel cycle of news continues to roll along, friends of the former Cleveland Browns quarterback are becoming increasingly worried about Manziel. They’re so concerned, in fact, that they’re beginning to worry for his life, according to TMZ.

Here’s what we know … Manziel has become even more reckless with his drug problem recently — even blowing lines in front of people he barely knows.

“He’s in a horrible downward spiral,” one source very close to the QB tells TMZ Sports.  

There have been multiple serious attempts to help Johnny — with one group of close friends recently sitting him down and “confronting” him about his situation. But, as one source put it, “He flipped out and would not hear it.”

This hasn’t been a football story for awhile. It’s not about Johnny Manziel, quarterback. It’s about Johnny Manziel, the person, who appears to be teetering pretty close to the brink right now.

Incredibly, Manziel apparently still feels like a comeback is in the cards for him, but it really doesn’t seem anywhere close to happening.

Manziel is still living under the delusion that he’ll make it back to the NFL — and recently talked about his comeback plans with TMZ Sports. But no one has seen him training and when we asked him about it last month, the idea of working out seemed like a joke.

Instead, he continues to party like a maniac — L.A., Vegas, Miami, Coachella, Dallas — and, as one source put it, “If he continues this way for much longer he will die.” 

A comeback to the NFL should be the last thing Manziel is worrying about – but oddly enough, that might be the thing to save him. If he’s concentrating on playing football, maybe he’ll have less time to party and send his life further down this path. But then again, he was under contract with the Browns last year, and that didn’t happen at all.


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