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Johnny Manziel seems very serious about his efforts to make a comeback in the NFL, and he’s even volunteering for drug testing under the league’s new drug policy, according to the Sporting News’ Alex Marvez:

A source told Sporting News that Manziel soon plans to volunteer for testing under the NFL’s drug policy as part of his comeback attempt.

Manziel has already has started working with quarterback guru George Whitfield Jr. in an effort to improve his game and get back into football shape.

Manziel didn’t play a down last year in the NFL, and it certainly seemed like his life was falling apart. He was suspended in the off-season for four games as he tested positive for recreational drugs. It’s been a downward spiral ever since.

The former first-round draft pick spent multiple months in a rehabilitation center in 2015 ,and in March 2016, he was released from the Cleveland Browns.

As he continues to train and get ready for this next football season, Manziel hopes to turn some heads on the field. Hopefully he is able to realize that most of the work needs to be done through self-improvement. That is the only way he’ll ever get another shot.

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