The Oakland Raiders have been pretty much an unmitigated disaster this year, dating back to the Khalil Mack deal before the season even started. Well, arguably dating back to the moment they decided to hand Jon Gruden a reported $100 million to return to the sidelines. (So in a way, we can also tie Jason Witten’s Monday Night Football woes to the Raiders futility.)

Today, as the Raiders are actually currently beating the Cardinals in the fourth quarter, the tension between Gruden and Derek Carr boiled over a bit on the sideline, as cameras caught the two having a heated exchange.

It apparently continued after that, too, with another coach having to step in:

At a certain point he’s going to actually field players he seems to like a bit, isn’t he? Or will Gruden just sort of complain and angrily gesture his way to a few horrible seasons before being fired and heading back to the booth? Anything’s possible.

The Raiders actually being competitive today is proof enough of that.


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