Jonathan Gannon is introduced as the new head coach of the Arizona Cardinals during a news conference at the Cardinals training facility in Tempe on Feb. 16, 2023.

For better or worse, the Arizona Cardinals will look different in 2023.

The Cardinals fired head coach Kliff Kingsbury after another disappointing season in the NFC West. The franchise recently replaced Kingsbury with then-Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon.

Gannon’s first order of business will be fixing franchise quarterback Kyler Murray. Despite Gannon’s defensive reputation, the new head coach told Peter King of NBC Sports that he wouldn’t have taken the Cardinals job if not for Murray.

“If Kyler Murray isn’t here, I don’t take this job. I think this offense will look much different. This guy does things that it completely handcuffs you how you play defense – at times. I think we can take him to another level and unleash his full skill set. We’re not gonna put him in gun all the time, I’ll tell you that,” Gannon told King.

Gannon then went on to detail his plan for Murray.

“We’ll have two significant offenses with his skill set: one being under center and one being in the gun. Then obviously we’re gonna do what’s comfortable with him. The way to take pressure off the quarterback and the O-line is to put him under center at times. That’s the missing piece I thought they had with Kyler. They were in gun all the time. When you’re in gun all the time, you don’t make the defense defend certain play types. Now, when you get him under center, the defense has to defend a lot more type of play types. So there’s really two offenses I see us using.”

Only time will tell how Murray performs under the new system.

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