Jordan Poyer

Turns out that maybe lower taxes and warm weather weren’t that important to Jordan Poyer after all.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported Wednesday that the Buffalo Bills reached a two-year agreement with the former All-Pro safety. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“Just when you thought Jordan Poyer was out, he comes back in,” Rapoport said. “Poyer is expected to sign back in Buffalo. This is not done yet, but it is expected to be finalized.

“Jordan Poyer explored the market, he took a look at several opportunities, but the pull of being back in Buffalo, the pull of Bills Mafia, all they have done, and all that he wants to do and this team still needs to do, it all pulled deep, deep on his heartstrings. … a free agent I think many thought they would lose, they will keep him.”

Poyer, 31, who has spent the past six seasons in Buffalo, recently talked on his podcast about places he might play, including possibly a state that “doesn’t take half my money” in taxes. He also suggested, “It’d be nice to be warm. It would be nice to see the sun, maybe, every week or so. Every other week at least.” Buffalo is obviously not known for its warm and sunny weather.

While that comment might have miffed some diehard Bills Mafia members, they cheered the news that Poyer is returning.

[Ian Rapoport, NFL Network]

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