So sometimes words mean two different things. Like “sign”, for example. That could mean a road sign, a warning or signal, or even writing your name.

English is funny like that.

Here’s Josh Norman, learning that sometimes that multiple meanings of the same word can be a trap:

Here’s the quote, as transcribed by me:

They are, but at the same time, what am I going to change? My aggressiveness? My bestiality when I’m out there? For what? No.

Okay, so as SB Nation pointed out, bestiality does in fact have a main definition of savagely cruel. But it also means, well, having sex with animals. That’s the joke, if you haven’t figured that out yet. Most people, wary of the second meaning, probably stay away from the first meaning, but Josh Norman doesn’t care or doesn’t know, so that’s what popped into his head. It’s also possible that he was thought he invented a word denoting “beast-like”, but again, English was way ahead of him.

I honestly had a bigger issue with another part of the quote. I despise the word “aggressiveness”, which is a noun form of the word “aggressive”, which is itself an adjective of the noun “aggression”, which is what everyone should use instead of “aggressiveness”.

Back to the funnier part, though: regardless of what Norman meant, it might be best to keep him away from Lambeau Field for awhile.

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