With NFL free agency kicking off, it means that megadeals were happening all over the place and it was a constant stream of breaking news throughout the day.

The NFL dominates the news cycle regardless of what day or time it is – offseason, regular season, or postseason. However, the first day of free agency is always the biggest day of the year for the many newsbreakers around the country that cover the NFL on a regular basis. In recent years, the speed and significance of these deals and the reporters who break them has become a live television event in and of itself.

That was never more apparent than today on ESPN when reporter Josina Anderson came running onto the set, cell phone in hand, to break the story that free agent safety Landon Collins was being signed by the Washington Redskins.

Not to be outdone, over on NFL Network Mike Garofolo and Ian Rapoport broke the news of DeSean Jackson’s trade to the Philadelphia Eagles apparently at the same time. Maybe there’s a “league source” that has the two NFL Network reporters in a group text together or something.

The breaking news of free agency is becoming almost as exciting as free agency itself! Your move, Adam Schefter.