When you’re in the Super Bowl, your cleat game has to go to the next level. For Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones, he has that taken care of thanks to Under Armour.

Under Armour unveiled custom designed cleats for the star receiver, that is inspired by the popular rap group Migos and the breakout show Atlanta, which won Golden Globes for Best Musical or Comedy as well as Best Actor for the same category with creator Donald Glover taking the award.


It should be noted that these cleats are not going to be worn during the game. Instead, Jones is going to have to wear these beauties in the warmup and then change cleats for the game. Normally, I would be against a player changing their cleats in between warmup and a very important game like the Super Bowl, but considering NRG Stadium will have the roof closed and they’re playing on an artificial surface, field conditions should be near perfect for the game.

The city of Atlanta has seen a bit of a renaissance in recent years. A lot of that is based on Glover’s show which focuses on the Atlanta rap scene. Now with the Falcons making the Super Bowl for just the second time in team history, it’s bringing out a sense of pride from Atlanta residents that had always been there but not seen by the entire country. Julio Jones is making sure that gets shown on the biggest stage.

[Uproxx/Photos: Under Armour]

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