Justin Fields Justin Fields signing a baby.

Chicago Bears star quarterback Justin Fields has undoubtedly signed a lot of autographs throughout his football career, but it’s safe to say his autograph session this weekend included one of the stranger items yet – a baby.

Following Chicago Bears preseason training camp on Saturday, Bears starting quarterback Justin Fields was standing against a fence meeting fans and signing autographs. While at the fence, Fields signed a number of more conventional items – footballs, jerseys, hats – but then a woman held up quite a strange item for him to sign – her baby.

The baby was wearing a onesie that mimicked Fields’ Chicago Bears jersey, with his No. 1 on the back with “FIELDS” across the nameplate.

The woman brought the baby right up to the fence, resting it atop the chain link, and Fields gladly reached up with his marker and signed his autograph right on the back of the onsie, on top of the white No. 1.

It’s without much doubt one of the stranger things that a player has ever been asked to sign, but Fields appeared happy to do it. And it’s safe to say that onesie will now be a proud possession of that very young Chicago Bears fan.

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