Justin Fields Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears offense did not have a great showing during practice this week, so quarterback Justin Fields decided to do something about it, encouraging his team to take notes from the way the team’s defense approached the practice.

During an interview this week, Justin Fields revealed that he wants the players on offense to have the same energy that the defensive players have when they practice.

“I think today in practice we came out probably a little flat,” Fields said according to Josh Schrock of NBCSportsChicago.com. “So I just talked to the guys after practice. Every little win that we have on the field, we just need to have energy about it because that energy is contagious. That’s one thing I think the defense does well is every little thing they do, well, the DBs are always hyping stuff up. They’re always ‘ahhhhh,’ and that just gets the whole defense going.

“I told the offense today that we just need to have that same juice as the defense did, but I feel that the defense came out and they competed well with us. I would say that they definitely won the day. We have an off day tomorrow, but the next day the offense has to come back stronger.”

It’s a clear sign of leadership that Fields is noticing things like this. We’ll have to see how it translates on the field.