Patrick Mahomes Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Mahomes created headlines recently when he issued a call to move the NHL’s Arizona Coyotes to Kansas City.

“KC Coyotes ahs a nice ring to it! NHL, what y’all think?” Mahomes asked before tagging the official account of Kansas City’s T-Mobile Center Arena.

The comment didn’t sit well with Makayla Perkins, the executive of Phoenix Sports, which runs the Coyotes’ social media accounts.

She sent a brutal message to the star quarterback before quickly deleting her tweet. “Maybe you should focus more on keeping your little brother out of jail and less on our NHL team,” she wrote.

Jackson Mahomes, the brother of Patrick, was recently arrested and charged with sexual battery early this month after he grabbed and forcibly kissed a restauranteur multiple times in her own establishment.

The Twitterverse did not take too kindly to Perkins’ throwing a barb at Mahomes.

“Ohhhhh she gonna get cooked,” wrote one fan.

“I’m shocked at her responses and how she’s handling this on social media. Not even a Chiefs fan but it’s amazing to see how many people WANT to find a reason to hate on Patrick Mahomes. I find that interesting,” she wrote.

Not everyone hated what she said, however.

“She’s not wrong,” wrote one fan.

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