Ken Stabler is getting inducted into the Pro Hall of Fame, but unlike those getting inducted who are still alive, there’s no ring or gold jacket for the former Oakland Raiders quarterback.

The question on whether Stabler would receive a ring posthumously came up on Twitter, when a user responded to the Pro Football HOF’s Twitter account about the upcoming ring ceremony.

Ken’s daughter responded saying Stabler wasn’t getting a ring…

.. or a gold jacket.

People suggested Stabler Moyes set up a GoFundMe to purchase the ring and jacket, but the Hall of Fame told them that was a no-go.

It’s messed up the Pro Football HOF won’t let Stabler’s family remember their dad’s storied career with a jacket and ring that he’s earned. What’s their excuse? Well, in a statement to Deadspin, apparently it’s because they don’t issue personal items posthumously.

Additionally, every living Hall of Fame member receives a Hall of Fame Gold Jacket and a Hall of Fame Ring of Excellence to wear as symbols of his personal Hall of Fame achievement. The Hall of Fame has never presented either of these two personal items posthumously. The Hall of Fame does present to the family of a posthumously elected Hall of Famer, the Gold Hall of Fame Crest that is featured on the Hall of Fame Gold Jacket. This is done during Enshrinement Week at the Hall of Fame Gold Jacket Dinner when the other Class members are presented their Gold Jackets.

So, basically, if you’re dead, you don’t matter as much. Seriously, why can’t the family of fallen players get the same respect as ones that are still alive? the HOF needs to smarten up and give Stabler’s family a ring and jacket. It’s unacceptable and needs to be changed pronto.


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