If you think listening to the Super Bowl analysis of Phil Simms is not something you want to ingest, Key and Peele will have you covered.

As has become the typical trend leading up to the Super Bowl, advertisers are sharing trailers and teasers for their Super Bowl advertisements. Squarespace is going a slightly different way this year by offering live commentary from Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele during the game. [Spoiler alert: The copmedy duo will also star in a featured advertisement during the game]. The website to go check out that commentary is already ticking down the seconds to the moment they go live, on a Squarespace website, of course.

Key and Peele have generated plenty of laughs with their comedic stylings when sports is the topic, so there should be some interest in seeing how they do this live commentary routine during the Super Bowl. If you need a refresher course on some of Key and Peele’s past sports comedy, here are some clips to get you caught up.


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