Okay, so before we get into this: what’s up with gender reveals?

Is this a recent trend, or have I just been unmarried with no children for so long now that I just missed it going on for decades? Because they’re all over the place, and it’s getting ridiculous.

Here, for example, is poor Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins, tasked with throwing what looks like a Nerf football or something similar into a stack of cardboard boxes The Riddler left in the yard:

Hey, he was just throwing it to a spot where only the giant Rube Goldberg device fashioned out of cardboard boxes designed to release blue smoke to tell the world he and his wife are having a boy could catch it. Solid, fundamental play. That’s why he’s going to make about $24 million this season.

But now we do know Cousins is having a boy, which is great. Good for Kirk and Julie.

Gender reveals are dumb.

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