The Miami Dolphins made one of the biggest moves of the NFL offseason, trading with the Kansas City Chiefs for star wide receiver Tyreek Hill.

While this can only be a positive for the Dolphins moving forward, many are questioning how Hill will perform with quarterback Tua Tagovailoa instead of Patrick Mahomes.

Tua has been known to have a ton of critics over his short NFL career thus far. A hype video that the Dolphins released on social media this week has backfired and the third-year quarterback is getting more flak from the NFL world.

The above pass from Tagovailoa to Hill appears to be underthrown, which has been the main criticism for Tua throughout his career. Many took the chance to blast Tua on social media for this video that has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner has now weighed in on the criticism that Tua has been receiving. He said that people should relax when it comes to criticizing a throw made during an NFL offseason practice session.

“I played many years of professional football & as much as I hate to admit it, “I under-threw deep passes a number of times in practice!!” There I said it…,” wrote Warner.

It does seem like this is just people on social media hating on Tua for the sake of it, but Tagovailoa will certainly need to adjust to Hill’s speed going forward. Tua doesn’t have the biggest arm out there, and that can be problematic given the speed and deep-ball catching ability that Hill has shown throughout his career.

Hill is certainly far from just a deep threat, as he can get it done in a multitude of ways on the football field, so Tua and the Dolphins should be just fine heading into 2022.

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