Aug 4, 2018; Canton, OH, USA; St. Louis Rams, New York Giants and Arizona Cardinals former quarterback Kurt Warner speaks on the Fan Fest stage at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill made it quite clear that he has no interest in mentoring newly drafted Malik Willis to take his job in the future.

“We’re competing against each other,” said Tannehill on Tuesday. “We’re watching the same tape. We’re doing the same drills. I don’t think it’s my job to mentor him, but if he learns from me along the way, that’s a great thing.”

Tannehill also sounded annoyed that the Titans did not inform him about drafting Willis or trading wide receiver AJ Brown, but added he knew they were just doing what was best for the team.

Enter Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner who thought he’d add his two cents to the conversation about veteran quarterbacks mentoring younger ones.

“I will never understand the “I’m not here to mentor the next guy” mentality,” wrote Warner. “So for all you young QBs that need a mentor, DM me & I’ll be that guy, happy to help in any way I can!”

Warner said he was always open to not only helping his team get better but his teammates.

Some fans, however, weren’t on the same wavelength with Warner.

Many NFL quarterbacks feel the same way as Tannehill, one of them being Aaron Rodgers, who has no intention of helping his replacement Jordan Love. One of the reasons the Packers and Rodgers had fallen out last year is because the Packers drafted Love without telling Rodgers. Ironically, Rodgers’ relationship with Brett Favre started the same way as well with Favre not being pleased about being replaced eventually by Rodgers.

Time will tell if things will change between Willis and Tannehill. But if history shows us anything, it won’t.

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