Kyle Pitts

Through two games this season, Atlanta Falcons star tight end Kyle Pitts has not put up the big receiving numbers he’s become accustomed to after a stellar rookie campaign last year.

So far this season, Pitts has just four catches for 38 yards and no touchdowns. But even though the stats aren’t quite what he expects, he’s not quite ready to start panicking, saying “it’s a long season.”

“It’s early. It’s a long season. It’s 17 games,” Pitts said according to Michael Rothstein of ESPN. “Could go farther. So, I’m not getting frustrated.”

Pitts also isn’t letting the lack of production impact the rest of the team or coaching staff. This includes new Falcons quarterback Marcus Mariota, who replaces the departed veteran quarterback Matt Ryan this season.

“I’m not going to coaches and yelling. I’m not going to Marcus and yelling,” Pitts said. “It is what it is. It’s a long season.”

Last season, Pitts finished the season with 68 for 1,026 yards and a touchdown. So the talent is there, the team just has to figure out how to unleash him.

While it is great that Pitts isn’t concerned about his early-season production, that probably isn’t much consolation for Fantasy Football owners counting on big numbers from him this season.