Kyler Murray stood out by sitting down on Sunday. After scoring a touchdown, the Arizona Cardinals quarterback sat up in a meditation pose and seemingly took a few moments to center himself following the score, not an easy thing to do in an NFL stadium during a game.

However, the announcer immediately noticed that the pose Murray was doing resembled a pose that Grogu, a.k.a. Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian would do when he was trying to harness The Force. He made the connection and so did a lot of people at home.

However, when asked about the celebration following Arizona’s 34-33 win over the Minnesota Vikings, Murray told reporters that while the celebration was “an ode to Baby Yoda,” he’s never actually seen anything Star Wars-related so he wasn’t even quite sure what the deal was.

So where did Murray get the idea from if he’s never seen Star Wars and thinks it’s too long (which, is a strange complaint but we digress). Turns out the culprit may have been sack machine Chandler Jones, who has been calling Murray that for a while now.

So there you go. Like it or not, Murray might have to get used to the fact that Baby Yoda is his nickname from now on. Even if he doesn’t want to watch all the Star Wars movies, and we wouldn’t blame him for skipping a few of them, he should at least check out The Mandalorian to get a better sense of what Baby Yoda is all about beyond the meditation.


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