Kyler Murray may or may not be making a mistake by trying to negotiate through the media with the Arizona Cardinals, but we do know for sure that he made a mistake by letting his agent post a statement with a giant white background ripe for memes.

Murray raised some eyebrows a few weeks ago when he scrubbed his social media profiles of all things Cardinals, implying that he might be separating himself from the team in some manner. The two-time Pro Bowl quarterback is set to earn a base salary of $965,500 in 2022 and is in a prime position to have his contract re-worked. However, there clearly have been some issues in the negotiations, and leaks about Murray’s leadership style have put a damper on things.

On Monday, Murray’s agent, Erik Burkhardt, decided to up the ante and release a very lengthy public statement that, per Awful Announcing’s Jay Rigdon, “looks like it was drawn up on WordPerfect in 1999.”

We’re not gonna read all of that, to be honest. But what does stand out is the fact that with just the easiest amount of erasing, Burkhardt has unwittingly provided Twitter with a giant template to do whatever they want with. And they certainly did.

You can find the template here if you decided you wanted to get in on the fun. Hurry, the window is already closing on its relevancy…

[Adam Schefter/AA]

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