Lamar Jackson

The Baltimore Ravens and former MVP quarterback Lamar Jackson are attempting to work out a new contract before the start of the upcoming 2022-23 season, but it appears those negotiations are becoming a little more difficult than either side had hoped.

During the broadcast of Sunday’s preseason game between the Ravens and the Arizona Cardinals, Jay Glazer of Fox revealed that even though Baltimore had already offered Jackson more money than Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray, the negotiation was still an “uphill battle.”

Glazer speculates that Jackson wants a fully guaranteed contract, like the Cleveland Browns offered Deshaun Watson, and said that the negotiation process is more difficult since Jackson is representing himself and does not have an agent.

“It’s a really big, uphill battle, and the reason why, is because Lamar Jackson, he is representing himself,” Glazer said on the broadcast. “That is so hard when you have to go up there [to the front office] and try to negotiate and let them tell you why you’re not worth a certain type of contract. They’ve already offered him more than Kyler Murray got. But the Deshaun Watson deal kind of throws things out of whack, because I’m sure [Jackson] wants a fully guaranteed contract. I don’t see [the Ravens] wanting to do that.”

Naturally, the NFL world had plenty to say about this report with many speculating that Jackson and the Ravens would be unable to strike an extension.

The two sides are running out of time if they hope to work out a deal before the start of the 2022-23 season.

[Billy M]