Lamar Jackson

Despite the Baltimore Ravens ultimately losing, Lamar Jackson went all out on the offensive side of the ball against the Miami Dolphins. Jackson went 21-29 and threw for 318 yards, including a 75-yard touchdown to Rashod Bateman. That was backed up with a 79-yard touchdown run by Jackson toward the end of the third quarter to go out to a 35-14 lead and finishing with 119 rushing yards.

That didn’t tell the entire story of the game. Tua Tagovailoa was the player of the game as the Dolphins had an electric fourth quarter thanks to his partnership with wideout Tyreek Hill. Tagovailoa went for 469 passing yards and six touchdowns as Hill had 190 receiving yards along with a 60 yard touchdown to complete the comeback and tie the game at 35 apiece.

Tua punctuated his massive fourth quarter with a last-minute toss to Jaylen Waddle to clinch the 42-38 victory.

Tagovailoa deserves credit for his bonkers performance but the focus was on Jackson due to his summer-long negotiation with the team on a long-term contract. A deal couldn’t be made so Jackson is playing this season without a new contract and is doing all he can to play what he thinks he’s worth.

Many people on social media were in agreement that Jackson deserved to get paid as “pay that man” was trending on Twitter.

That being said, a loss is still a loss. No matter if Jackson had a monster game. Maybe because they allowed 42 points, including 28 in the fourth quarter, this loss was on the Ravens’ defense. But you win as a team and you lose as a team so even though Jackson deserves to be paid, losing may make that a little more difficult.

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