Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has shown the importance of a passer who can run as well as throw. A tall QB in the pocket might be great but the added versatility of a quarterback who can run at any moment can fool the defense.

That’s just what Jackson did as the Ravens completed a 14 play, 84 yard drive that included a crucial 4th and 2 in the red zone to put the Ravens out in front of the Chiefs.

Relying on short passes, Jackson briskly moved the Ravens down the field. But it was when the Ravens got into the red zone where Jackson shined and along with his offensive line, saved their drive. On 3rd and 10, Jackson escaped from a couple tackles to gain eight.

That helped because on the next play, on 4th and 2, Jackson found a space and celebrated as he got the first down.

Knocking on the end zone, running back Mark Ingram ran in and gave the Ravens the lead. Jackson failed to convert the two point conversion which may have been the only bad spot of that drive. The Chiefs answered back with a touchdown of their own thanks to a LeSean McCoy score so Ravens-Chiefs has all the early makings of a great game for Week 3. We’ll just have to see if that missed two point conversion comes back to haunt the Ravens.

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