Larry David has squashed his hairy beef with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The creator of Curb Your Enthusiasm and co-creator of Seinfeld appeared on the Dan Patrick Show earlier this month, where he said he was going to visit the New York Jets training camp. David suggested Fitzpatrick shave his massive beard.

We hashed it out,” the quarterback joked to Newsday, when asked about his recently-trimmed facial hair. “I don’t know if I’ve got to take it all the way off. He’s a tough guy to read.”

Fitzpatrick also poked fun at David.

When Fitzpatrick told him about his cameo on FX’s The League, David asked him if acting was hard. The Jets starting quarterback referenced the comedian’s comments to Patrick that he could become New York’s offensive coordinator.

‘Yeah, it’s a lot like a normal person thinking they could come in and be an offensive coordinator.’ So I actually got him to chuckle, which is great. That was my goal for the day.”

There seems to be a good rapport between the duo. Having David around must have been a neat experience for the Jets, considering his creative and comedic prowess. Fitzpatrick seemed to enjoy his presence, and vice versa.

I wonder if seeing a Jets practice up close and personal made David change his mind about easily stepping in as New York’s offensive coordinator. If not, that still needs to happen. David’s transition to football would be amazing.


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