Larry David

Larry David is nothing but confident about his potential as an offensive coordinator with the New York Jets.

The Curb Your Enthusiasm star was on The Dan Patrick Show on Monday where he claimed he had what it takes to be the offensive coordinator for the Jets.

“I’m positive I could be an offensive coordinator,” David said. “All I have to do is — I think if I just studied, if I just hung around and just learned a little bit. Give me one season shadowing an offensive coordinator and I know I could do it.”

The 69-year-old is planning on visiting Jets training camp this summer, and might be gunning for current OC Chan Gailey’s job. David admitted he doesn’t think the job would be difficult.

“What could be so hard about it?” David asked. “You make up plays! Why is that so hard, okay? I’m creative in certain respects and I think I could do that. I think I can!”

Unfortunately, the Jets didn’t accept David’s pitch.

David is a comedic genius, but transitioning to football wouldn’t be a cakewalk. Offensive coordinators have many responsibilities and are relied on heavily on most football teams. Jumping in with no experience, except being an armchair OC, wouldn’t work in the slightest.

With that said, it would be highly entertaining to watch David pace back-and-forth on the sidelines as offensive coordinator. An NFL team needs to take him up on his shadowing request, because David on an NFL field needs to happen.

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