Las Vegas raiders pop champagne before losing to the Arizona Cardinals.

“The game isn’t over until the fat lady sings,” is one of the oldest clichés in sports. And Sunday, Las Vegas Raiders fans learned the consequences of disrespecting that ancient rule.

Things were going well for the Las Vegas Raiders and their fans late in the third quarter against the Arizona Cardinals. The Raiders had just scored to increase their winning margin to 23-7.

Thinking the game was won, three Raiders fans were seen in the stands popping celebratory bottles of champagne.

Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals did not get the message. The Oklahoma Sooners product led his team to the 15-point comeback, with the game ultimately being decided when Raiders receiver Hunter Renfrow fumbled a reception that the Cardinals defense returned for the game-winning score.

Needless to say, the NFL world was not kind to the Raiders’ fans and their premature celebration:

“Rut roh,” wrote Dallas TV reporter Newy Scruggs.

“If they were real Raiders fans, they would have known d*mn well to save the bottles until the game was really over,” wrote one dejected Raiders fan.

“You won’t believe what happens next,” wrote another football fan.

“You got Josh McDaniels’d,” wrote another fan, referencing Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels.

“Go to Vegas for no other reason than to count the idiots there,” said Levi Payton.

The Raiders and their fans will get a chance to recover from the devastating home-field loss on Saturday, when the team travels to Nashville to face the Tennessee Titans in an AFC matchup.

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