While many people weren’t shocked that the Detroit Lions lost against the Atlanta Falcons, many were impressed that they found another way to lose. The Lions thought they had a game winning touchdown to end the game but the play was reversed and after a ten second runoff due to the call being changed and thus the clock should have been running after Golden Tate’s catch, the game was over.

As if things couldn’t get worse, the food that was stored near the team locker rooms at Ford Field caught fire as the players were walking back. This wasn’t just a small fire that you just needed a glass of water to put out, this was a “let’s roast marshmallows in the woods all night” kind of fire. And the amazing part is that the employee who opened the door didn’t think it was that big a deal.

I have so many questions to ask this woman who was so unfazed by the flames in front of her, that she actually blows on the flames thinking they’ll magically extinguish.

Has she faced more serious things in her life that this is no big deal? Was she seeing this after a long day at work and just decided “Screw this” and took off? I don’t know but if Matt Stafford ever needs some advice in keeping composure with a bunch of defenders about to sack you, he may want to talk to this lady.


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