The Los Angeles Chargers were the latest to unveil their new uniforms for the 2020 NFL season. After a slight modification to the lightning bolt logo last month, the Chargers were set to launch new uniforms and they went with a clean and classic look that looks impressive.

I’m a sucker for the Chargers’ powder blue uniforms. They are one of my favorite designs and even though the Chargers aren’t my favorite team, I have a couple powder blue Chargers jerseys in my collection just because of how great they look. That’s what the Chargers have done but they added more classic touches, including gold pants (along with white pants) and having the player number on the helmet. But just because it’s retro, that doesn’t mean it looks old. There’s a modern design to this classic look that seems to have the right kind of mix of retro and modern designs.

The powder blue home uniform would usually be enough but the Chargers revealed three other jersey designs. The Chargers’ away uniform is white with powder blue numbers as well as gold and white pants.

The Chargers’ color rush alternate design(s) is a throwback to a time in Chargers history that isn’t the AFL powder blue era but is still a very memorable time in their past. One design is a callback to the 80s Dan Fouts/”Air” Coryell days while there’s a slightly darker blue design that looks like what the Chargers wore in the 90s when they went to their one and only Super Bowl.

What’s great is the small touches on these designs. They have six different uniform combos and four different shirts but the best attention to detail is the helmets. NFL rules state that the helmet must be the same primary color so teams are a bit limited, and why the Buccaneers don’t play in their creamsicle uniforms right now. By changing the color of the lightning bolt to match the rest of the uniform, the Chargers made these uniforms way better as a result.

The Rams are the final team yet to release new uniforms this offseason. After the Buccaneers, Falcons, Browns, Patriots, and technically the Colts┬áreleased their new designs, the Chargers have shown they have what it takes to raise the bar on their fashion sense. We’ll see if that can translate to the football field.

[Photo: @Chargers]

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