Mac Jones New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones (10) drops back into the pocket while looking down the field in the second half during the game between the New England Patriots and host Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL, on Sunday, September 11, 2022. Final score, Dolphins, 20, Patriots, 7. Dolphins V Patriots Nfl Game 64

As New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones left the field Sunday following a loss to the Baltimore Ravens, it was quite obvious he was in pain. Later, it was discovered that he indeed had a pretty significant injury in the form of a severe high ankle sprain.

Since then, people have been wondering if Jones will be available to play this upcoming Sunday against the Green Bay Packers.  So far, the answer is “doubtful,” although Mike Girardi of the NFL Network is reporting that Jones did show up for practice Thursday and is telling teammates that he could still play.

Per sources, Mac Jones is in the facility and participating in game planning. The #Patriots QB has to told multiple teammates to not count him out of this weekend’s game at Green Bay, and is still operating as if he has a chance. Practice is scheduled for around 12:35 today.”

Girardi also reported that one of Jones’ teammates thinks he shouldn’t play Sunday.

“Text from a #Patriots player, “Love Mac (Jones). Tough, tough, tough guy. But he’s hurting pretty good. Hope everyone’s smart about this. It’s a long season.”

There were reports earlier this week that Jones was trying to decide whether he should get surgery or try to play. Apparently, he has made up his mind. But the question is, has the Patriots coaching staff?

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