Mac Jones

Mac Jones and several New England Patriots players and coaches reportedly fought, bickered, and poorly communicated amongst themselves multiple times this past season according to a report from the Boston Herald. The shocking details were provided and published on Thursday morning.

Jones, New England’s first-round selection in 2021, reportedly often butted heads with quarterbacks coach Joe Judge. The Pats hired Judge back after his failed stint as head coach of the New York Giants.

Jones had previously criticized the Pats’ offense on the sidelines, but it went much further than that according to the report.

Per the Herald, via Yahoo! Sports, “As Patricia came under outside fire as the face of the offense, Judge drew increasing criticism from within. Belichick would blast him in practice, and it wasn’t uncommon for Judge and Jones to trade profanity-laced outbursts. Jones’ trust in his position coach was effectively non-existent.”

The report later wrote, “’Mac didn’t like him,’ one source said. ‘At all.’”

New England faced a ton of dysfunction and much of that came through a lack of clear communication during meetings. And also, the absence of understanding the Shanahan offensive concepts the team used, according to Yahoo! Sports.

“The staff’s lack of understanding became a frequent source of frustration in meetings,” they wrote. “When players with experience in Shanahan systems, of which there were at least a half-dozen, would raise questions about how to solve defenses they had faced with other teams.”

It sounds like the Patriots were as out-of-form off the field as they were on it in 2021.

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