Colin Kaepernick has started a movement that has gained steam across the NFL, sports in general and in the country. His silent protest of the national anthem to raise awareness of racial injustices in the United States has picked up, and that continued for Monday Night Football.

Malcolm Jenkins led the Philadelphia Eagles in their own way of protesting against racial injustices in the United States. Jenkins and teammates–Steven Means and Marcus Smith–raised their fists during the national anthem prior to the Eagles’ game Monday night against the Chicago Bears, as opposed to taking a knee like Kaepernick and his teammate Eric Reid.

Protests like these have allowed the conversation to keep going around the country. Along with the protests, contributions have been made, like Kaepernick donating his first $1 million made this season to charities to aid communities.

Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall, who has lost sponsorships for his protesting, is also donating $300 per tackle this season to organizations in the Denver community.

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Harry Lyles Jr. is an Atlanta-based writer, and a Georgia State University graduate.