Marcus Peters threw a flag into the stands.

The fourth quarter of the Kansas City Chiefs – New York Jets game Sunday saw a whole lot of weirdness. On a Jets’ two-point conversion to try and go up by seven, quarterback Josh McCown got flushed from the pocket, ran backwards to the 25-yard line, and eventually threw the ball out of bounds, but a holding call on Chiefs’ cornerback Steven Nelson gave them another try. And that infuriated fellow cornerback Marcus Peters, who picked up the thrown flag, threw it into the stands, and then left the game. Here’s the play:

Here’s a replay showing Peters throwing the flag into the stands, which then caused the official to throw his hat to signify the additional foul. Plus, it includes commentators Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts talking about how unprecedented this was:

Eagle says “A flag ended up in the stands,” Fouts says “I have never before seen that in my life. Have you?” and Eagle responds “No. I’ve seen him kick a ball into the stands.”

And it turns out that Peters wasn’t actually ejected for this, but left the game of his own accord:

He later returned to the sideline without socks (with the broadcast discussion of that briefly interrupted by technical difficulties for good measure):

That’s quite the bizarre sequence of events. For what it’s worth, the Jets converted on their second two-point convert attempt without Peters on defense, went up 38-31 and hung on for the win, with Alex Smith driving the Chiefs to the New York 21 but then throwing incomplete on fourth down. But it’s the Peters flag incident that attracted the most attention here, and it’s certainly one of the oddest things in the NFL in a while.

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