While the New England Patriots trailed late in Super Bowl 51, Mark Wahlberg and his family were caught on camera leaving the game early.

Naturally, people went crazy and roasted Wahlberg, practically Boston’s official posterboy,  for leaving the game before it ended.

On Monday, Wahlberg confronted the haters and explained why he had to leave the big game before the comeback was complete.

You can’t roast Wahlberg for that. If anyone has a reason to leave the Super Bowl early, someone in their family being sick is definitely an okay reason to leave.

Even though he left early, Wahlberg obviously paid attention to the game as it wrapped up and made sure to rub it in the faces of his friends who like the Atlanta Falcons.

At the end of the day, this whole story isn’t that important. Meanwhile, we still don’t have an explanation from the President of the United States about why he left his party at his own golf resort early. But then again, there are more important issues to deal with.

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  1. Good cover story, but let’s be real. He probably left to sneak down to the locker room and steal Brady’s jersey.

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