mark wahlberg

When one watches an NFL game on TV, it seems as if every other commercial is for beer. Rarely if ever does one witness a wine commercial during an NFL game.

While that may be the case, it didn’t stop Mark Wahlberg from enjoy a nice glass of red wine at the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks game on Sunday.

Would Wahlberg have scored on that play? DOES IT MATTER HE IS DRINKING WINE AT A FOOTBALL GAME.

Look Marky Mark can drink whatever he wants whenever and wherever, but it’s a little surprising to see the Boston native drink wine at a football game.

Also, just in case someone tries to question whether that’s Wahlberg’s glass or not, the wine is most likely Mark’s. How do we know that? The little boy to Mark’s left (the only other person semi-close to the wine) is probably one of his sons. Mark’s two sons are 8 and 10, which puts them a bit short legal drinking age.

Shortly after NBC showed Wahlberg and his glass of grape juice, Twitter weighed in.

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