The University of California, Berkeley is taking a new approach to bobblehead giveaways. The school will be giving away Marshawn Lynch bobbleheads on November 5 as the Golden Bears take on the Washington Huskies.

But this isn’t an ordinary bobblehead. This bobblehead commemorates when Lynch took the team’s injury cart for a joyride after the Bears beat the Huskies 10 years ago in a 31-24 overtime win.

Look at how amazing this thing is:

In case you don’t remember, this was the glorious ride that Lynch became famous for, and you can tell he enjoyed every last second of it:

Lynch’s teammate at Cal and current NFL running back, Justin Forsett, remembers that day very well, and in the funny fashion that he saw it in, from ESPN:

Most of the team was in the locker room. We had TVs in the locker room. I remember looking up and seeing Marshawn in the cart driving around, across the field, going crazy. I didn’t see it on the field. Most of us saw it in the locker room. It was just widespread laughter. That’s Marshawn, man.

Of course, Marshawn’s response was just as great, even though we all know he’s a man of very few words.

From ESPN:

I was excited, man. In Oakland, we like to express ourselves in a lot of different ways, and one way is driving.

Marshawn Lynch is a national treasure, and if you have the opportunity to make it to the game on November 5, you should. Those bobbleheads are going to be some people’s most prized possession.


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