There is one big rule in soccer that is pretty much known by everyone whether they play the sport or not: if you aren’t the goalie, you can’t touch the ball with your hands.

Well when Raiders running back kMarshawn Lynch turns on Beast Mode, he doesn’t care about what sport he’s playing and he certainly doesn’t care about the rules.

There are approximately 75,000 amazing things about this video, but here are 10 in no particular order:

1. Lynch pulled off this stunt during a charity soccer game: That’s right, the game was a charity soccer match being hosted by former Seattle Sounders winger Steve Zakuani. The game was on Sunday July 2nd and was put on to benefit Zakuani’s nonprofit “Kingdom of Hope.” Athletes Eddie Johnson and Chad Ocho Cinco were also there to support the charity.

2. Chad Ocho Cinco was reportedly there to: Going back to point #1, Lynch wasn’t the only famous crazy football player there! Check out #85…

3. Clint Dempsey also made an appearance:

4. Marshawn Lynch is wearing sandals: Beast Mode showed up to this charity event in sandals. Why is that not surprising?

5. Marshawn Lynch got a red card: Of course he did. He broke the rules and then talked smack with the goalie.

6. Marshawn Lynch stole the red card: Another case of “of course he did that.” He also threw it away right after.

7. Marshawn Lynch had to jump up to steal the red card: The referee was so much taller than Lynch that when he put the red card up in the air, Lynch had to jump to steal it and throw it away.

8. The broadcasters: “Whatever the league that supports this is going to be very grumpy with him,” is by far the best line.

9. That this happened at all isn’t surprising: Seriously though none of this is surprising.

10. But the best thing? That this was all for charity.

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