Martellus Bennett isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

On Monday, Bennett provided the world with another example of that:

These quotes seemingly came out of nowhere, until you see the Jamal Adams story from earlier on Monday.

Ah, yes; now this all makes sense. Adams saying the football field is a “perfect place to die” is something that would result in a Bennett quote such as “I ain’t dying for this shit. Lol.”

Even Bennett’s brother chimed in with a similar thought!

Just this past week a study came out in the New York Times stating 110 of 111 former NFL player brains studied had CTE and Ben Roethlisberger said CTE and that study could lead to him retiring after this upcoming season. In recent years, former NFL players have retired due to CTE.

With all of this in mind, it’s kind of odd to hear someone like Adams come out and say a football field would be a “perfect place to die.” Then again, Adams is a rookie (he was drafted sixth overall by the New York Jets in 2017) and has yet to face full grown NFL stars.

Oh and one more thing, the responses to Bennett’s tweet showcase how terrible and annoying people are.

But while plenty of people responded with bad hot takes to Bennett’s tweet, some also responded with great points and showed that there are good people on Twitter.

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