Matt LaFleur and Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers vented his frustration Tuesday with the struggling Green Bay Packers.

Packers head coach Matt LaFleur spent Wednesday trying to clarify his quarterback’s remarks, admitting, “we have to be truthful with one another, and sometimes the truth hurts.”

Speaking on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers said the Packers had, “Guys who are making too many mistakes, shouldn’t be playing. Gotta start cutting some reps. Maybe guys who aren’t playing, maybe give them a chance.”

Reporters asked LaFleur Wednesday for his take on Rodgers‘ comments about the 3-4 Packers.

“I think that, you know, we have to be truthful with one another, and sometimes the truth hurts,” LaFleur said (via Pro Football Talk). “And it’s no different than when your kids make a mistake, right? You tell them about it. … So I just think you have to get to the root of the truth. And that gives you an opportunity to learn and grow. And we can’t run away from that, ever. … And I don’t think anybody’s off limits, starting with myself.”

Someone asked LaFleur if he addressed Rodgers’ remarks to the team as a whole.

“We definitely addressed just accountability and how we’re all accountable to one another, and we need everybody, you know, doing everything the right way,” LaFleur said. “All the little things will add up to big things. And it’s how you prepare. It’s, shoot, it’s how you treat people in the building. It’s all of that. Everything we do matters.

“And so I think what he was trying to get across, and you guys can obviously talk to him about that, but is just everybody’s got to be on top of their game. And it starts with us as coaches, first and foremost. Making sure we’re on the details. Making sure that not only do we communicate the finer intricacies of whatever it is, the fundamentals, the plays, but putting our guys through those, so that when you get into a game situation, it’s not the first time they’ve ever seen it.”

Give LaFleur credit for a diplomatic take on Rodgers’ criticism. Former Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings wasn’t so charitable, telling Fox Sports’ Carmen Vitali, “You can’t do this. You can’t sit down on a show and start talking about who should and shouldn’t be playing because of mental errors.”

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