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The Washington Commanders are likely to be up for sale and everyone is abuzz about it. The lofty price tag isn’t causing some powerful people to shy away from the purchase of the team. In fact, it only seems to be encouraging them. Now, a renowned actor from Hollywood is reportedly joining the pursuit.

Actor Matthew McConaughey is joining the ownership group consisting of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and rapper Jay-Z, according to the New York Post.

“Matthew McConaughey joining Jeff Bezos-Jay-Z bid for NFL’s Commanders,” wrote the Post in a tweet.

“Matthew has always been a huge fan and his ties with the team go way back,” a source told the NY Post. They noted the good relationship the team has with McConaughey as well.

McConaughey’s favorite team is the Commanders, a fandom that has extended throughout his life.

McConaughey is not the only lifelong fan who has even expressed interest in purchasing the team. Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant recently noted that he was watching the process from afar and might be interested in helping out. There’s another obvious connection between Durant and McConaughey. That of course extends to their affinity for The University of Texas.

It looks like some big players are lining up to make this bid. Now it’s a wonder if it will merely stop at these three (and possibly four).

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